Have you ever heard the hypothesis that maybe ideas are just out there, floating around, looking for someone who is willing to bring them to fruition?

Maybe it’s not people who come up with ideas. Maybe ideas attach themselves to people. 

The concept for Harry Potter was born one day when J.K. Rowling was on a train. Suddenly, the idea just “fell into her head.

What if some magical creative force in the universe actually birthed the idea of Harry Potter – and then that idea saw an opportunity to come to life through J.K. Rowling?

Kind of a cool thought to ponder, right?

I’m not saying I 100% believe that this is how it works. But I’m certainly open to the idea.

After all – it describes how my word for 2018 came about.

You see, I didn’t pick my word this year. It picked me.

It showed up in my consciousness, and then slowly grew, drawing more and more of my attention, until there was no denying that it wasn’t just passing through.

Did it pick me because I’m meant to bring this concept to life within myself and my little corner of the world? (A thought that makes my stomach feel a bit funny. Who I am to take this on?)

Who knows? I certainly don’t claim to get how it all works. How could my mind possibly understand the workings of an infinite universe?

What I do know is that since I’m all about surrender these days  (i.e., simply showing up to serve in whatever way presents itself), I’ve accepted this concept as something the universe is calling for me to explore. And with an open heart and a curious mind, I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Watch the video to hear what the concept is and my thoughts about it!

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