Relax around food, reconnect with a happier version of yourself, and appreciate the body you’re in without dieting.

If you:

  • Are either on or off when it comes to healthy eating
  • Keep gaining weight or can’t seem to keep it off after you lose it
  • Catch yourself thinking about food when you’re in the middle of conversations, morning traffic or work meetings (ok, and maybe sex)
  • Judge if you’re “good” or “bad” by how many calories you consumed that day or what the scale says
  • Constantly compare your body or eating habits to others
  • Have tried everything to “fix” yourself, but nothing has worked long-term

…then Feed Your Whole Self is 8 weeks of personalized, judgment-free 1:1 coaching that’s for women like you who have sticky stories that are weighing them down.

Learn how to relax around food and let go of your need for control, reconnect with your body and the woman you want to be, and adopt a mindful approach to healthy eating that’s actually sustainable.

This isn’t about forcing yourself to eat better or struggling to lose weight. It’s about a gentle letting go of resistance, so the healthy choice becomes the natural one…but not the ONLY one.

I wasn’t sure how coaching would benefit me. But since working with Annette, I feel that the level of anxiety in my life has decreased dramatically. I haven’t felt controlled or overpowered by food, or needed to use it as a stress-reliever in a long time. I’ve become a better friend to those I lost touch with, a better girlfriend by not relying solely on my boyfriend for socialization, a better daughter by having a more honest and open relationship with my parents, and a better student in that I am able to concentrate and dedicate myself to my studies instead of to food. I’ve been able to learn a lot about myself and what is truly important in life, and shockingly, it’s not food!” 

Sarah Lane Montclair, New Jersey

The four puzzle pieces we’ll use to put this healing process together:
  • Acceptance: Give yourself permission to show up as who you truly are, treat your body with love and compassion, and have a judgment-free relationship with yourself and others.
  • Awareness: Learn how to be more mindful and present, so we can uncover what’s triggering your emotional eating habits and cravings. You’ll also become more aware of the small daily actions that make you feel nourished and whole.
  • Compassion: Instead of relying on fear-based thinking around food to keep yourself in check, we’ll explore how to have a loving relationship with food and your body that leaves room for forgiveness and growth.
  • Vulnerability: By trusting in the process, being open to new ways of thinking and eating, and being willing to feel your feelings, we can discover the real source of your body battle (newsflash: it’s not food).
You’re a good fit for 1:1 coaching if:
  • You want to discover a new way of eating and exercising that’s effortless (and that doesn’t mean you stop caring about your health—it just means you relate to your body in a more positive and compassionate way)
  • You’re exhausted with trying to keep up with all your food rules and want to explore gentler methods of self-care that nourish your body and mind
  • You want to stop fighting and fearing food, so you can find pleasure and satisfaction when you eat
  • You’re ready to explore how your inner perfectionist or mean girl is shaping the unhealthy eating patterns that are taking over your life, so you can call a truce with food and your body
  • You’re more interested in achieving lasting wellness than quick weight loss
  • Your heart and mind are open to self-knowledge exercises (such as journaling) and practical strategies (like mindful eating) that dig deeper than fad diets or meal plans to heal your underlying struggles with food and weight

I learned so much about myself through working with Annette. She has helped me to work on forgiving myself. For the first time, I see that it’s possible to create a new, positive story around how I feel in my body. I’m more clear on what I want my life to look like and I believe that I can make it happen.”

Michele Heupel Littleton, CO

How it Works:

My coaching approach is highly collaborative, involving a mutual process that includes action steps and accountability to help you find the answers you’re looking for on your own.

If you’re not cool with a certain exercise or approach I recommend, your voice is the only one I care about.

I bring the strategies, tools, guidance and support. But you’re the one who ultimately decides the path you want to take.

You’ve already imposed enough rules on yourself. Instead of giving you more guidelines to follow, I’m here to help you develop the self-awareness you need on your journey to food freedom.

What to Expect:
  • An Initial 90-Minute Insight Session to help us dig to the emotional root of your food and weight struggles, and get clear on what you want to accomplish together
  • 7 60-Minute 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions that are tailored to your individual goals and challenges, so I’m always meeting you where you’re at and guiding you through the healing process
  • Detailed Post-Session Nourishment Emails with actionable tasks and helpful reminders to carry the intentions of each session through and ensure you see progress every week
  • Unlimited Email Support while we’re working together, so you’ve always got the support and accountability you need to get through the sticky spots
You Get to Choose Your Payment Plan:
  • One easy payment of $1,195
  • Two payments of $625
  • Pay as you go, $160/session

I have more of a desire to take care of myself and be good to myself than I ever have. In the past, it was always about what I was supposed to eat to lose weight. By my third session with Annette, I was asking her for healthy eating advice from a place of I love myself so I want to treat myself well.” 

Christine Hutchins Fort Collins, CO

Your First Coaching Call is Free!

Discover how you can eat healthy with ease by scheduling a free 30-minute coaching call. No strings or judgments attached.


(Psst. I also have a sweet spot for teens).

I have over 15 years of experience working with youth. I started as a wellness coach and camp counselor. Then I developed and taught a health curriculum to over 300 students, created an award-winning healthy school culture, and consulted for organizations like LiveWell Colorado and Action for Healthy Kids.

If you have a teen daughter who has weight or body-image issues or an unhealthy relationship with food, hit me up. I offer coaching services and classroom workshops that aren’t currently listed on my website.