During her first session last week, I asked a new client to describe her challenges. Why did she want to work with me?

Her main answer was that she struggles with portion control. She eats more than her body needs, and regularly experiences a ‘food coma’ state.

Most doctors, dietitians, and health coaches would look at that and think: “Well, obviously she just needs to exert some self-discipline.”

To which my response is:

Trying to address chronic overeating by prescribing portion control doesn’t work. Haven’t we seen enough evidence to know that by now?

The truth is that to change our lives, we must change our beliefs.

So, my client and I worked together to uncover the beliefs underneath her challenge:

  • Lack of connection with her body, which stems from a lack of trust in her body.
  • A scarcity mentality – there might not be food later, so I better eat all I can now.
  • Fear that if she’s in a thinner body, she’ll attract unwanted male attention
  • Fear of fully being seen (and therefore, a subconscious desire to hide in a bigger body)

NOW we’re ready to address the issue at its source instead of continuing to put an (ineffective) band-aid on symptoms.

So: Portion control, schmortion control. If we really want to change our lives, let’s unlearn that crap and get real about what’s truly going on.

Because once we address the root issues, the rest takes care of itself.

Just in case you needed a reminder as we start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions: if you want to change your life, another Whole 30 is not going to do it.

Real change stems from practicing compassionate self-awareness to uncover and then question the beliefs that drive your behavior. 

Sending you love as you allow that to sink in,

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