Creating Safe Spaces for Experiential Conversations That Have the Power to Transform our Relationship with Food

As a former teacher, I love reliving my days in the classroom by getting up on stage, engaging audiences of all ages, and sharing current research in the field of eating psychology.

But more than anything, I get jazzed up by opening hearts and minds to what’s possible when we’re connected to ourselves. Because that’s when we can finally realize that food has no control over what we’re worth.

My talks are a juicy blend of compassionate interaction, intimate insights, and practical strategies for healthy living and mindful eating.

By sharing my own relatable story of struggle and binge-eating, my goal is to help others drop the judgments and learn how to be more accepting of themselves and others.

Annette Sloan is the consummate professional and brings her brand of brilliance to any speaking engagement. She knows how to create a safe space that invites listeners into an experiential conversation that opens their hearts and minds to what’s possible in their relationship with food.  She is engaging, informative and compassionate. Her audience leaves feeling more connected to themselves, each other and Annette’s message.” 

Lisa Foster Founder, Parillume

Want to inspire your audience to bring more presence, pleasure and peace into their relationship with food?

Then book me for one of my signature talks below or ask me about creating a customized presentation for your group.

How to Love Food, Your Body, and Yourself

During this intimate and interactive talk, I share the story of how I went from being a body-obsessed, food-battling teenager to a health teacher with a shameful secret to a woman on a mission to help girls and women discover that we are worthy, just as we are. I distill my journey down to the core reason for my struggle: I was trying to live by the world’s rules instead of my own. Then, I guide the audience as they ponder their own journey and imagine how differently their lives will play out depending on the rules they choose to follow. This is a great talk for teens and college students!

The Psychology of Healthy Eating

We all have a personal relationship with food that goes deeper than calories and carbs. To make real, sustainable changes in our diet, we must remember that it’s not about what we eat. It’s about why we’re eating it. In this presentation, I bust the top nutrition myths that make food journals and exercise trackers wasted efforts. Your audience will learn actionable strategies and mindful exercises that reboot the brain, so they eat healthy because they want to, not because they should.

Overcome Emotional Eating

After a fight with a friend or spouse, we can takedown pizza faster than Garfield. When work sucks, food therapy is the first pit stop on the way home. The more stress sticks to us, the more we use food to cope. But what if there were healthier ways to deal with overwhelm, sadness and anxiety? This interactive and judgment-free seminar will leave your audience with new self-awareness and practical strategies for making peace with food.

The Magic of Mindful Eating

Think about the last meal you ate. Can you describe what it tasted like? What it looked like? What it smelled like? In our constant need to feel full and fulfilled, we often rush through meals. But by forgetting to slow down and savor our food, we deny ourselves the satisfaction we’re craving. In this interactive presentation, I’ll share the surprising physiological, emotional, and spiritual benefits of mindful eating and how it can connect us with a more pleasurable and nourishing relationship with food (and life!).


Annette clearly shared useful, relatable insights with our group but she is so much more than that! She has a way of exuding a calm acceptance that is infectious and empowering to everyone listening. We all left with a determination to accept ourselves and help others do the same.

Mandy Straight Co-Founder, Food for Thought

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