Welcome, Gorgeous!

Annette Sloan, mind-body-nutrition coach specializing in compassionate health coaching for women and teen girls
Are you a woman or teen girl who wants to:
  • Get to the bottom of why you struggle to stick with healthy eating?
  • Find peace, freedom, and balance in your relationship with food?
  • Finally feel comfortable and confident in your body?
  • Learn how to eat healthy with ease (because you want to, not because you ‘should’?)

Would you love to stop obsessing over what you eat (and what you look like) so that you have the energy to turn your life into everything you want it to be?

It’s possible.

I know because I was once where you are, struggling in a relationship with food that left me exhausted and miserable. For over a decade, I alternately committed to and rebelled against self-created food rules in a vain attempt to be a “perfect healthy eater.” (Read my story here).  Thankfully, I’m now happily on the other side, enjoying a relationship with food (and life!) that nourishes my body, mind, and soul.

How did I do it? It all started with one essential realization:

When we struggle with food, it’s NOT because we lack willpower. It’s because we haven’t yet addressed the underlying issues that cause us to eat in a way that doesn’t serve us.

Today, I LOVE helping women and teen girls to identify and address the root causes underneath their food and body challenges so that they can use their energy for more important things – like creating a life that they love.

Want to learn more? Book a free consultation to learn how (w)holehearted coaching can help you to find PEACE and FREEDOM in your relationship with food!